Mountain Top Arboretum provides activities and learning for the entire family.  Easily accessible from the parking area is the West Meadow with a spiral labyrinth, pond and plenty of birds and butterflies to enchant.  Also close to the parking area is the Woodland Walk with easy trails, a fairy garden, and boulder amphitheater to explore. A half-mile walk down Maude Adams Road leads to the East Meadow’s boardwalk, historic pump house and more open meadows in which to run. Only a bit further and you’ve arrived at the trailhead for forest hiking in Spruce Glen.

Each season, Mountain Top Arboretum hosts programs for children and families. From creating fairy terrariums to bird of prey presentations, we offer activities that combine learning and fun. Check out this season’s event listing for kid-friendly programs.


Fairy Garden

In the Fairy Garden, children use birch bark, moss, stones and other materials to build fairy houses, forts and miniature gardens.  Forage the Woodland Walk for ideas or bring your own material to help the Fairy Garden grow.


West Meadow Pond

The West Meadow’s Pond is an easily accessible family favorite place for relaxed reading, dragonfly and butterfly spotting, and of course, tadpole and frog catching.  Ask us if you would like to borrow a net. Please release what you catch.  A resident snapping turtle patrols the pond, too, so no swimming!



The Spiral Labyrinth is designed to be savored by all five senses through all four seasons.  Adults peacefully stroll inward to the circular stone bench, while children race round and round to the center and back.  People and pollinators together enjoy the dizzying mix of blooms and fragrances.




Animals at the Arboretum

You can see all types of animals at the Arboretum. Be sure not to feed or approach the animals.


Black Bear
Eastern Chipmunk
Eastern Cottontail
Eastern Gray Squirrel
Fisher Cat
Least Shrew
Little Brown Myotis (Bat)
Longtail Weasel
Meadow Vole
North American Beaver
Red Fox
Red Squirrel
Snowshoe Hare
Starnose Mole
Striped Skunk
White-footed Mouse
White-tailed Deer
Reptiles & Amphibians

American Toad
Blue-spotted Salamander
Eastern Garter Snake
Eastern Milk Snake
Gray Tree Frog
Green Frog
Northern Brown Snake
Northern Red-bellied Snake
Painted Turtle
Red-backed Salamander
Red-spotted Newt
Snapping Turtle
Spotted Salamander
Spring Peeper
Wood Frog

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