The seven acre West Meadow nestles into the bowl created by surrounding mountain tops.  The meadow hosts native grasses, wildflowers and hardy shrubs like low bush blueberry that naturally adapt to the exposed bedrock, thin soil and windy exposure.   

While strolling the meadow to explore the collections of evergreen and deciduous trees, you will come upon several beautiful designed garden areas. Map & Self-Guided Tour >


The Rain Garden slows the runoff of water from spring thaws and summer rains. Flowering perennials mix with sedges, grasses and acid loving shrubs which all thrive in this wet, sunny area.




The Bird Cove plantings hug the upper area of the Rain Garden. The Bird Cove hosts a variety of native shrubs and ground covers that offer birds and pollinators food, shelter and nesting habitat. The Arboretum is a birding hotspot, with over 60 species to see throughout the year.



The Spiral Labyrinth is designed to be savored by all five senses through all four seasons.  Adults peacefully stroll inward to the circular stone bench, while children race round and round to the center and back.  People and pollinators together enjoy the dizzying mix of blooms and fragrances.



Dwarf conifer berms compose the eastern side of the meadow.  The Arboretum has taken advantage of its mountain climate to pack the three berms with a fascinating variety of dwarf pine, spruce, fir, cypress, cedar, juniper and more.



The Exposed Bedrock that emerges and recedes throughout the meadow dates to the Devonian era and is about 375 million years old.  This ancient sandstone was once part of the Catskill Delta that flowed to the Catskill Sea.  Land along the stream edge was part of the ancient Gilboa Forest.