9 Tips for Gardening Green

  1. Minimize water use
  2. Identify lawn and garden problems, researching appropriate organic and biological control methods, and minimize the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  3. Minimize lawn areas and mow lawns at the recommended mower setting of three inches, leaving grass clippings in place on the lawn
  4. Minimize use of two cycle gasoline motors when doing landscaping work
  5. Recycle garden waste by composting sod, leaves, and other organic material
  6. Plant the right plant in the right place for the climate, sun/shade, soil, wind and rainfall requirements.
  7. Plant or seed native ground covers in place of traditional mulch.
  8. Prune properly for the health and safety of trees and shrubs.
  9. Consider using native plants appropriate to your area in order to minimize care requirements, encourage pollinators and other wildlife adapted to the native plant species, and to evoke the natural beauty of the land you steward.